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Iced Tea Lemonade Cannabis-Infused Beverage by Uncle Arnies


Quench your thirst and elevate your experience with Uncle Arnies’ Iced Tea Lemonade Cannabis-Infused Beverage, delivering 100mg of THC in every refreshing 8oz bottle.


Step into Unparalleled Refreshment: Uncle Arnies’ Iced Tea Lemonade, a refreshing delight, 8oz of bliss with 100mg THC, pure delight. Perfect for those seeking a potent, enjoyable ride, California’s best-selling beverage, sweet and sour collide. Reminiscent of summer, classic and bright, a perfect blend, making everything right.

Advanced Nano-Infused Formulation: Not just a drink, but a delightful trip, with nano-infused THC in every sip. Rapid onset, effects in 20-40 minutes’ span, advanced nano-emulsification, a master plan. THC molecules broken down, minuscule in size, even distribution, consistent highs. Up to 90% absorbed, efficient and fast, a reliable high that will surely last.

Commitment to Quality and Accessibility: Uncle Arnies, a name to trust, quality and accessibility, it’s a must. Highly potent, affordable too, meticulously crafted, just for you. Making cannabis consumption easy and bright, for enthusiasts and newcomers, making it right.

Classic Combination with a Modern Twist: Sweet tea and lemonade, a classic blend, infused with THC, making it trend. Cooling off on a hot day, or relaxing at night, this beverage promises an experience just right. Sip smartly, 10mg to start, wait for effects, then play your part.

Why Choose Uncle Arnies’ Iced Tea Lemonade: Top choice for refreshment, potent and pure, Uncle Arnies’ Iced Tea Lemonade, a delight for sure. Sweet and sour, perfect blend, an unforgettable journey, from start to end. Fast-acting, reliable high, with every sip, reach the sky.

Embrace the Experience: Dive into Uncle Arnies’ world, where refreshment and relaxation unfurl. Iced Tea Lemonade, cannabis-infused, why it’s the top choice, you won’t be confused. Potent, delicious, crafted with care, Uncle Arnies’ beverages, beyond compare.