Obtain High

Delivery Information

Welcome to Obtain High! We are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your order, from purchase to delivery, is handled with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Below, you’ll find detailed information about our shipping policies and procedures.

Legal Compliance

Customer Responsibility: It is imperative that you verify whether the products you order are legal in your jurisdiction. Obtain High will fulfill all paid orders without consideration of local statutory limitations. Please ensure compliance with your local laws to prevent any legal discrepancies.

Stealth Shipping

All orders are dispatched in stealth packaging to ensure that the products are shielded from potential theft or tampering by postal or customs officials. This packaging is devoid of any markings or labels that might disclose its contents or link it to our company, safeguarding your privacy.

Tracking and Delivery

Tracking Information: We provide a tracking number for every order, allowing you to monitor the shipment from its origin to your doorstep.

Final Sale Policy: Products are considered final sale and cannot be returned or refunded once they are en route to you, as indicated by the tracking system (i.e., when the package is on a delivery vehicle or aircraft).

Worldwide Shipping

Domestic Orders:  We ship across the United States of America, applying the same privacy standards as we do for international orders.

International Orders: Our services are global, reaching customers around the world. We advise international customers to be especially aware of their local import and customs regulations to ensure smooth delivery.

Packaging Details

Discrete Packaging: Our shipments are meticulously packaged to ensure they reveal nothing about their contents.

Non-identifiable Information: There will be no external details that might associate the package with cannabis products or with Obtain High.

Anonymous Dispatch Point: All items are shipped from an anonymous dispatch point to further protect the confidentiality of the transaction.

Privacy Assurance

We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy to fully understand how we handle your personal information from the point of purchase to delivery. Your privacy and security are our paramount concerns, and we strive to maintain these standards in every operation.

Thank you for choosing Obtain High. We are committed to delivering your products safely and discreetly. If you have any questions about your order or our delivery practices, please contact us directly. Experience the highest standard of service with Obtain High.

Let the journey begin!