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Pineapple Lil’ Ray’s Lemonade 100mg THC


Savor the delightful blend of fresh pineapple juice and our original lemonade with Pineapple Lil’ Ray’s Lemonade, delivering 100mg of THC in perfectly portioned 5mg capfuls for a refreshing, flavorful, and satisfying experience.


Experience Perfect Harmony: Pineapple Lil’ Ray’s Lemonade, a blend so grand, sweetness and tartness, perfectly planned. Fresh pineapple juice with lemonade’s zing, a refreshing drink, making hearts sing. Each bottle holds 100mg THC delight, 5mg per capful, dosing just right.

Precision and Potency: Microdose throughout the day, Pineapple Lil’ Ray’s shows the way. Tailor your experience, capful by capful, potent effects, never dull. Ray’s Lemonade, celebrated wide, high-quality ingredients, cannabis inside.

Commitment to Quality and Flavor: Innovative blend, flavor so pure, Ray’s Infused Lemonade™, you’ll adore. Fast-acting high, exceptional feel, superior THC and CBD, the real deal. Each sip refreshes, elevates your mind, dedication to quality, flavors combined.

Join the Ray’s Community: Ray’s enthusiasts, loyal and true, unparalleled taste, benefits for you. Unwind your day or savor the taste, Pineapple Lil’ Ray’s, no moment to waste. Purchase now, transform your routine, exquisite flavor, high so serene.

Exquisite Flavor and High: Elevate senses, savor the blend, Pineapple Lil’ Ray’s, your refreshment friend. Satisfying high, taste so divine, with Ray’s Lemonade, everything’s fine. Start now, flavors flow, with Ray’s Lemonade, let your joy grow.