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ABX 10mg x 10 THC soft gels


Experience precise and manageable cannabis relief with ABX 10mg THC Soft Gels, delivering consistent and long-lasting effects in a flavor-free, easy-to-consume form. Each package contains a total of 100mg THC.


Convenient and Effective Relief: ABX 10mg THC Soft Gels, a wellness embrace, convenient and effective, setting the pace. Each soft gel, meticulously dosed, 10mg THC, for users, the most. Novice or experienced, manageable and precise, 100mg per package, consistent and nice.

True-to-Flower Cannabis Oil: Crafted from true-to-flower, benefits full, whole flower cannabis, naturally cool. CO2 extraction, purity retained, no toxic solvents, integrity maintained. Free from distillates, a natural effect, the complete essence, ABX’s perfect reflect.

Easy Digestion and Absorption: Formulated with MCT oil, gelatin blend, easy digestion, absorption, a friend. Flavor-free nature, straightforward and clear, for those preferring a no-fuss gear. Long-lasting effects, managing stress and pain, anxiety relief, sustained gain.

Commitment to Quality and Transparency: AbsoluteXtracts, a leader indeed, high-THC oils, meeting every need. Vertically integrated, seed-to-shelf control, quality, potency, consistency, their goal. From cultivation to formulation, meticulous care, every product pure, beyond compare.

Enhance Your Wellness Routine: Enhance your wellness with ABX’s dose, precise and manageable, what users chose. Purchase now, relief to receive, long-lasting, reliable, as you believe. Elevate your regimen, premium product in hand, high-quality cannabis, by ABX planned.

Experience Profound Benefits: Journey to well-being, starts here today, with ABX Soft Gels, stress fades away. Pain management, anxiety relief, true-to-flower benefits, pure belief. Experience the profound, high-quality oil, ABX’s promise, free from toil.