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Sativa ProTab Tablets Cerebral High Level Experience


Energize your day with LEVEL’s Sativa ProTab Tablets, engineered for those who need a substantial boost in mental and physical energy. Ideal for powering through extensive to-do lists or embarking on lengthy hikes, these tablets provide an extra-strength dose of THC to fuel your endurance and focus.


High-Energy Formulation: Each Sativa ProTab, a potent delight, with 25 mg of THC to brighten your sight. Perfect for daytime, when energy’s a must, these tablets uplift, in LEVEL we trust. Known for energizing, a cerebral high, ideal for activities, reaching the sky. For active individuals, it’s the perfect blend, keeping you focused, right to the end.

Quick and Sustained Effects: Feel the effects in 30 to 90 minutes’ span, a reliable start for any plan. Lasting 2 to 4 hours, energy sustained, mental clarity and focus, perfectly maintained. Quick onset for those on the go, Sativa ProTab keeps the energy flow.

Adjustable Dosing: Flexibility key, each tablet scored, easy division, a feature adored. Split into 12.5 mg with ease, for those new to cannabis, it aims to please. Moderate effects or potent dose, find what suits you the most.

Superior to Traditional Edibles: LEVEL’s formulation, a clean high so true, minimal conversion, it’s just for you. Avoiding extensive 11-hydroxy’s sway, maintaining delta-9’s pure play. Functional and manageable, effects so bright, traditional edibles can’t match this light.

Health-Conscious and Eco-Friendly: Pure in nature, LEVEL’s stand, 100% cannabis-derived, crafted by hand. No unnecessary additives, vegan and clean, gluten-free, sugar-free, fitting any routine. Calorie-free, for dietary delight, eco-friendly and pure, it feels just right.

Why Choose LEVEL’s Sativa ProTab Tablets: Potent THC for effects that are strong, immediate impact, lasting long. Enhanced focus, energy’s lift, productivity and activity, a true gift. Flexible dosing, control in hand, clean and pure, the best in the land.

Experience the Enhanced Possibilities: With LEVEL’s Sativa ProTab, embrace the day, full of energy and productivity, in every way. Tackling projects, adventures ahead, these tablets ensure your day’s well-fed. Boost your performance, stay healthy and bright, LEVEL’s ProTab, your guiding light. Explore the possibilities, elevate with ease, Sativa ProTab, the choice that’ll please.