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Transdermal Releaf Patch | CBD | Papa & Barkley


Elevate your wellness regimen with the innovative CBD Releaf Patch from Papa & Barkley. Specially formulated for those experiencing daily discomforts such as muscle and joint soreness, this CBD dominant transdermal patch offers a potent, non-intoxicating solution. It provides fast-acting and continuous pain relief, releasing cannabinoids into the bloodstream for up to 12 hours. Ideal…


Discover Therapeutic Excellence: Papa & Barkley’s CBD Releaf Patch, a premier pain relief source, non-psychoactive, it follows a natural course. Delivering 30mg of high-potency CBD, effective for inflammation-induced muscle and joint pain, you see. Less than 2mg of THC ensures relief without the high, making it perfect for daily use, without making you fly.

Seamless Integration into Routine: The CBD Releaf Patch fits in with ease, discreet and dependable, it’s sure to please. Advanced transdermal tech, fast absorption in sight, prolonged release keeps you comfortable and light. Consistent delivery, mobility all day, maintaining your comfort in every way.

Natural Skin-Soothing Compounds: Enhanced with jojoba and avocado oil, your skin’s friend, lavender, eucalyptus, spearmint, and ginger blend. Anti-inflammatory, calming properties pure, these ingredients nurture, enhancing relief sure. Alleviating discomfort, soothing your skin, therapeutic excellence, from within.

Crafted for Potency and Purity: Papa & Barkley’s signature process, solventless and clean, full spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients seen. Maximum potency, unmatched therapeutic gain, hypoallergenic, water-resistant, strong adhesive to sustain. No chemical intrusion, purity intact, offering benefits profound, nothing abstract.

Directions for Use: Apply to clean, dry skin, free of hair, targeted relief or systemic, place it with care. Wrist or neck for broader scope, up to 12 hours, sustained relief, giving you hope. Single use design, easy and clear, comfort without hassle, bringing you near.

Step into Continuous Comfort: Papa & Barkley’s CBD Releaf Patch, comfort you’ll find, managing discomfort, enhancing peace of mind. A daily solution, quality of life enhanced, continuous relief, a new life chance. Embrace therapeutic excellence, feel the ease, with CBD Releaf Patch, life’s pain appeased.