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Sweet Peach Iced Tea Cannabis-Infused Beverage by Uncle Arnies


Savor the delightful taste and potent effects of Uncle Arnies’ Sweet Peach Iced Tea Cannabis-Infused Beverage, delivering 100mg of THC in every refreshing 8oz bottle.


Dive into Irresistible Bliss: Uncle Arnies’ Sweet Peach Iced Tea, a delightful sip, with 100mg THC, it’s the perfect trip. An 8oz bottle, peach pie flavor so grand, transforms each moment into pure bliss, understand. California’s #1 selling cannabis drink, a favorite among enthusiasts, as many think.

Perfect Harmony of Flavors: Sweet and refreshing, flavors in tune, tantalizing your taste buds, like a midsummer’s boon. Expertly crafted for a potent effect, this iced tea delivers, making you reflect. Nano-emulsification technology in play, rapid onset and max absorption, leading the way. THC molecules broken down, nano-sized fine, 90% absorption in 20-40 minutes’ time.

Commitment to Quality and Accessibility: Uncle Arnies, a trusted name, quality and accessibility, their claim to fame. Highly potent, affordable too, easy to consume, made just for you. An exceptional experience, reliable and bright, each product shines, day or night.

Flexible Enjoyment: Enjoy the peach iced tea as you like, sip slowly or #crackitandsmackit, it’s quite a delight. Start with 10mg, wait and see, 20-30 minutes, gauge effects carefully. Adjust as needed, find your perfect way, Sweet Peach Iced Tea brightens your day.

Embrace Taste and Potency: Uncle Arnies’ Sweet Peach Iced Tea, taste and potency blend, elevating relaxation, a trend. Each sip, a journey, refreshing and sweet, discover why it’s flying off the shelf, so neat. Enjoy responsibly, make moments bright, with Uncle Arnies, everything’s right.