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Stiiizy LIIIL Sour Tangie 500mg disposable


The Stiiizy LIIIL Sour Tangie 500mg disposable vape pen delivers an invigorating blend of citrus and diesel flavors, packaged in a compact, easy-to-use device. This pen is ideal for those seeking a potent, uplifting experience while on the go, combining the convenience of portability with the robust taste and effects of the Sour Tangie strain.


Taste: A vibrant mix of citrus and orange with a bold diesel finish, providing a tangy and refreshing flavor that energizes the senses.

Feeling: Expect an uplifted, energetic, and euphoric high, making Sour Tangie perfect for daytime activities where a boost of energy and a positive mood are desired.

Description: Sour Tangie is a dynamic hybrid, a cross between the ever-popular Sour Diesel and the sweet Tangie. This strain is known for its energetic and stimulating effects, enhancing creativity and productivity.

Flavor Profile:

Citrus: The dominant flavor, offering a zesty and fresh taste that invigorates the palate.

Orange: Complements the citrus with its sweet and tangy notes, enhancing the overall fruitiness of the vape.

Diesel: Provides a pungent undertone that adds depth and intensity to the sweet and sour notes, creating a complex flavor profile.

STIIIZY LIIIL Sour Tangie Features:

Portability and Design: This sleek, discreet pen is designed for users on the move, fitting easily into pockets, purses, or bags without drawing attention.

Disposable Convenience: No need for refilling or recharging, making it a hassle-free option for those who value simplicity and effectiveness in their vaping experience.

Quality and Potency: Despite its small size, the LIIIL STIIIZY pen delivers consistent doses of high-potency THC, ensuring reliable effects and a satisfying experience.

Vibrant Experience: Engineered to produce large clouds for its size, the pen offers a surprising visual and sensory pleasure that complements its potent effects.

Ideal Usage: Sour Tangie is particularly effective during the daytime when you need a mental lift or a surge of creativity. It’s an excellent choice for enhancing social interactions, completing creative projects, or simply enjoying a vibrant and active day.

Additional Information: Sour Tangie is a result of careful breeding by Amsterdam-based DNA Genetics, who combined Sour Diesel and Tangie to create a strain with a notable sweet-and-sour profile. Its appealing flavor and robust effects have made it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts seeking a unique and uplifting strain.

Whether you’re tackling a busy schedule or looking for a boost in your recreational activities, the Stiiizy LIIIL Sour Tangie 500mg disposable vape pen provides a potent and enjoyable experience that enhances your day with just the right blend of euphoria and energy.