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ROVE’s Drink Loud, CHILL featuring Kush Berry is a THC + CBN shot designed to help you unwind in the most efficient way possible. This 1.7 fl.oz. (50ml) beverage contains 100mg of THC and 10mg of CBN, offering a nano-emulsified formula for smooth, consistent dosing without the need for shaking. Its light, berry flavor ensures…


Innovative Relaxation Experience: ROVE’s Drink Loud, CHILL Kush Berry THC shot, a relaxation experience, hitting the spot. Utilizing cutting-edge nano-emulsification, THC and CBN become tiny sensations. Water-soluble particles enhance absorption, uniform distribution, a perfect concoction. Efficient effects, predictably so, better than edibles, it’s the way to go.

Delightfully Palatable Flavor: Kush Berry, smooth and light, a berry flavor that feels just right. Mellow out after a long day’s grind, or ease into night, peace of mind. No oil separation, hassle-free, this THC shot is pure and clean, you’ll see. Palatable and effective, a delightful drink, perfect for relaxation, making you think.

ROVE’s Commitment and Practices: Founded on honesty, simplicity, and clear, ROVE’s principles hold, no need to fear. High-quality products, dependable too, against industry pitfalls, they remain true. Solventless CO2 extraction, pure as can be, clean and potent, quality you see. Tested by Bel Costa Labs, potency sure, every batch meets standards, pure.

Why Choose ROVE’s CHILL Kush Berry THC Shot: Efficient absorption, nano-tech’s embrace, predictable effects, no guessing in place. Delightful berry flavor, smooth and light, perfect for relaxation, day or night. Convenient and discreet, for your lifestyle blend, ROVE’s commitment, a trusted friend.

Experience with ROVE: ROVE’s CHILL Kush Berry, more than a drink, innovation in cannabis, making you think. Reliable, enjoyable, quality supreme, ROVE’s mission, a consumer’s dream. Join the satisfied community, see what they say, ROVE’s cannabis solutions, leading the way. Experience the benefits, meticulously crafted, CHILL Kush Berry, relaxation perfected.

Join the Community: Experience ROVE, innovative and true, CHILL Kush Berry, crafted just for you. Consistent quality, every sip pure, join the ROVE community, satisfaction sure. Meticulously made, cannabis delight, ROVE’s commitment, shining bright.