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ROVE DRINK LOUD Cucumber Haze THC Shot


ROVE’s Drink Loud Cucumber Haze THC Shot is a dynamic cannabis beverage designed to deliver a powerful and lasting high. Packed with 100mg of THC through advanced nano-emulsification technology, this drink offers a crisp, clean cucumber flavor that is enjoyable straight from the bottle or served over ice. Perfect for those looking for a steady,…


Cutting-Edge THC Delivery: ROVE’s Drink Loud Cucumber Haze, with tech so fine, nano-emulsification ensures THC shines. Breaking it down to micro-particles small, quick absorption, effects that enthrall. Fast-acting, long-lasting, a potent high, cucumber taste with haze, you’ll want to try. Perfect for solo or gatherings near, a delightful choice, bringing cheer.

Smooth and Clean Flavor: Cucumber Haze, a taste so clear, refreshing and smooth, bringing good cheer. Sip straight from the bottle or over ice, versatile enjoyment, perfectly nice. Non-traditional and enjoyable, THC in a drink, elevating your experience, making you think.

ROVE’s Commitment to Quality: Founded in 2015, ROVE’s principles stand, honesty, simplicity, and transparency grand. Known for vape pens and cartridges so true, their THC beverages share this view. Solventless CO2 extraction, pure and clean, no harmful solvents, quality is seen. Comprehensive lab testing, Bel Costa’s hand, ensuring potency and safety, across the land.

Why Choose ROVE’s Cucumber Haze: Bioavailable THC, effects that are swift, cucumber taste, a refreshing gift. Fast onset, long duration too, a potent high, consistent and true. Versatile sipping, pure and clear, aligning with quality, no need to fear.

Experience with ROVE: ROVE’s Cucumber Haze, more than a shot, innovation in cannabis, hitting the spot. Potent and flavorful, a delightful phase, reflecting ROVE’s mission, quality always. For a refreshing, unique THC way, Cucumber Haze is here to stay. Join the ROVE community, vibrant and bright, follow on Instagram, stay in the light. Experience the new, refreshing delight, with ROVE’s Cucumber Haze, your cannabis flight.