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Red Valvet Max Cookies by Dr. Norms


Experience the ultimate indulgence with Dr. Norm’s Red Velvet Max Cookies. Designed for those with a high tolerance, this bite-sized mini cookie delivers a powerful 100mg of THC, packed into a moist, chocolatey treat filled with white chocolate chips. Perfect for enjoying sativa effects with a luxurious twist.


Dr. Norm’s Culinary Delight: Dr. Norm’s answers your red velvet prayers, with a masterpiece that’s beyond compares. Red Velvet Max Cookie, a treat so fine, bite-sized joy, THC’s prime. Loaded with 100mg, potency’s high, perfect for those with tolerance that’s nigh.

Rich Flavor, Maximum Potency: Finest ingredients in a moist, chocolatey blend, red velvet flavor, rich till the end. Studded with white chocolate, creamy and sweet, sativa’s lift, making it complete. Energetic boost with luxurious taste, a potent treat, no flavor to waste.

Ideal for Experienced Consumers: Seeking a treat to fuel creativity’s flight, or lift your spirits, making day bright. High-dose edible, flavor uncompromised, Dr. Norm’s cookie, perfectly sized. Special occasions or daily delight, elevate your day, morning or night.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation: From Los Angeles, Dr. Norm’s renown, quality and innovation, wearing the crown. Cannabis-infused baking, a standard set, Red Velvet Max Cookies, the best yet. Crafted with care, flavor top-notch, consistent dosing, always on watch.

Indulge and Elevate: Dr. Norm’s Red Velvet Max Cookies, a new level of delight, edible potency, baking just right. Shop now, satisfy sweet tooth’s crave, sativa-infused treat, your day to save. Experience the blend of taste and high, with Dr. Norm’s, reach the sky.