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Pineapple Punch Cannabis-Infused Beverage by Uncle Arnies


Escape to island time with Uncle Arnies’ Pineapple Punch Cannabis-Infused Beverage, a 100mg THC delight offering a fast-acting, refreshing way to unwind.


Indulge in Tropical Essence: Uncle Arnies’ Pineapple Punch, a tropical delight, 8oz of bliss with 100mg THC in sight. Sweet and refreshing, this punch is the key, transporting you to island time, carefree. Perfect for relaxation, a smooth high so fine, this beverage is your escape, truly divine.

Advanced Nano-Emulsion Technology: Every sip delivers a consistent, potent blend, nano-emulsion tech makes absorption a friend. THC molecules broken down so small, 90% absorbed, feel it all. Within 20-40 minutes, onset times quick, a predictable high, control’s your trick.

Commitment to Quality and Accessibility: Uncle Arnies, a name you trust, quality and affordability, products robust. Highly potent, enjoyable for all, standing tall. Effective and delightful, each sip a joy, Uncle Arnies’ beverages, quality deploy.

Perfect for Unwinding or Social Elevation: After a long day, or social delight, Pineapple Punch makes everything right. Use our dosed system, 10mg to start, wait 20-30 minutes, feel the art. Adjust as needed, find your state, Pineapple Punch, it’s truly great.

Experience Relaxation and Flavor: Uncle Arnies’ Pineapple Punch, relaxation’s best, ultimate flavor, leaving the rest. Convenience, potency, taste so fine, top choice for enthusiasts, every time. Unleash tropical vibes, make moments grand, with Uncle Arnies, take a stand.