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Permanent Marker 4 Grams Jeeter Red Label Boutique Indoor Flower


Experience the unique and pungent flavors of Permanent Marker by Jeeter Red Label—4 grams of premium Indica indoor flower with 27.38% THC, offering floral, soapy, candy, and gassy aromas for creative daytime relaxation and increased appetite.


Dive into the exceptional quality and distinctive flavors of Permanent Marker, a premium Indica strain from Jeeter Red Label’s Boutique Indoor Flower collection. With an impressive 27.38% THC, this 4-gram offering promises a potent and memorable cannabis experience. Cultivated with meticulous care, Permanent Marker stands out with its unique aroma and flavor profile, making it a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast.

From the moment you open the container, Permanent Marker’s floral, soapy, candy, and gassy funk aromas captivate your senses. These complex scents seamlessly transition into its flavor, offering hints of soapy funk, sweet candy, and floral gas tones. Each inhale is a journey through its rich, pungent profile, delivering a sensory experience that is both bold and enjoyable.

The effects of Permanent Marker are as remarkable as its flavor. This Indica strain is perfect for creative daytime relaxation, allowing you to unwind and let your imagination flow. As the high progresses, you’ll notice an increased appetite and a lingering desire for more of this exceptional flower. Whether you’re looking to spark creativity, relax after a long day, or simply enjoy a unique and potent strain, Permanent Marker delivers on all fronts.

Jeeter, celebrated as the #1 Pre-Roll in the World, brings its legacy of excellence and innovation to the Permanent Marker strain. Originating in Miami in 2007, Jeeter has grown from a group of friends enjoying “jeeters” to a leading name in the cannabis industry. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and community engagement ensures that every product they offer is of the highest standard.

Elevate your cannabis experience with Permanent Marker by Jeeter Red Label. Purchase now and immerse yourself in the unique flavors and potent effects that have made Jeeter a trusted name among cannabis connoisseurs. Discover the creative relaxation and satisfying high that Permanent Marker provides, and see why Jeeter continues to be a top choice for premium cannabis products. Indulge in the luxurious and memorable experience of Permanent Marker today, and transform your cannabis journey with every puff.