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Live Resin Iced Tea Lemonade by Almora


Refresh and relax with Almora’s Live Resin Iced Tea Lemonade, a premium cannabis-infused beverage that blends the classic flavors of robust iced tea and zesty lemonade. Enhanced with 100mg of THC from sun-grown whole flower, this drink offers a naturally flavorful and euphoric experience, perfect for enhancing your leisure moments.


Introducing Almora’s Delightful Blend: Almora’s Iced Tea Lemonade, a drink so sublime, tradition and innovation blend every time. Capturing the essence of summer’s lazy days, iced tea and lemonade in perfect ways. Elevated by cannabis, premium and pure, a sophisticated touch, relaxation’s allure.

Purity and Quality in Every Sip: Crafted with care, natural ingredients fine, no artificial flavors, just a clean, crisp line. 100mg THC, sun-drenched flowers’ best, from California’s fields, in each bottle, no jest. Potent and balanced, euphoria so light, gently ushers relaxation, contentment in sight.

Perfect for Any Occasion: Sip on a porch, under the sunny skies, or share with friends, as time flies. Almora’s iced tea lemonade, a social delight, redefines the experience, day or night. Not just a drink, but an invitation to savor, every moment with bliss, a sophisticated flavor.

Respect for Tradition and Nature: Roots in Himalayas, tradition held dear, Almora’s respect for nature, always clear. From farm to fingertips, dedication true, delivering consistent products, naturally better for you. Purity of the plant, innovation in infusion, Almora’s craft, beyond any illusion.

Celebrate Nature’s Wonders: Almora’s Iced Tea Lemonade, a natural delight, shop now and elevate your refreshment right. Balanced and enjoyable, for relaxation’s call, great flavors and fine cannabis, perfect for all. Cheers to simplicity, great taste in hand, Almora’s blend, the finest in the land.