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HashTab Sativa THC Tablets Level Experience


Elevate your relaxation and social experiences with LEVEL’s HashTab Sativa THC Tablets. These high-potency tablets, made from superior ice water hash, are perfect for enhancing leisure activities from campfire gatherings to marathon TV watching. Featuring easy dosage control, these tablets adapt effortlessly to your preferred intensity.


High-Potency Formulation: Each HashTab delivers a powerful thrill, 25 mg of ice water hash to energize and fill. Designed for rapid onset in 30 to 90, sustaining effects for hours, plenty. For those preferring a gentler glide, split the tablet for a tailored ride.

Superior to Edibles: HashTab offers a cleaner high, traditional edibles can’t defy. Minimizing conversion, staying true, the experience remains clear for you. Authentic and controlled, just like smoking’s grace, with HashTab, you’ll find your pace.

Health-Conscious and Lifestyle-Aligned: LEVEL’s commitment is clear and bright, clean consumption in every bite. Cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, pure, no superfluous ingredients, that’s for sure. Vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, too, calorie-free for a health-conscious crew.

Versatile Application: Ideal for any setting, be it social or solo, HashTab adjusts to your plans, never too hollow. Enhancing evenings, winding down with ease, these tablets fit your needs, always aiming to please.

Innovative Cannabinoid Research: LEVEL’s dedication to innovation shines, with diverse products meeting unique designs. For creative projects or unwinding at night, there’s a cannabinoid profile to suit just right.

Why Choose LEVEL’s HashTab Sativa THC Tablets: With adjustable dosage, you control the flow, split the tablets as needed, let your experience grow. Predictable effects for planning with flair, knowing duration and onset with care. Perfect for dietary needs, health and ease, authentic delta-9 THC to please.

Experience with LEVEL: HashTab Sativa THC Tablets redefine, not just an alternative, but a choice so fine. Precision and ease in every dose, explore new levels, relaxation the most. Discover euphoria, with LEVEL’s touch, each tablet brings a new approach, enhancing life so much.