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Boost ProTab+ (THC+THCv+CBG) Tablets Level Experience


Energize your daily routine with LEVEL’s Boost ProTab+ Tablets, a sophisticated formulation designed to enhance focus and energy. Perfect for those days when you need an extra push to power through tasks or creative projects, each tablet combines a dynamic mix of cannabinoids for a sustained and functional high.


Dynamic Cannabinoid Blend: The Boost ProTab+ with a blend so grand, 20 mg delta-9 THC, taking a stand. With 7 mg THCv, 3 mg CBG in the mix, and 2 mg THCa for clarity’s fix. Tailored to enhance mental clarity and might, perfect for cognitive tasks, taking flight. THCv’s clear-headed, stimulant grace, complements delta-9’s euphoric embrace. Focus-enhancing, CBG and THCa, ensure a sharp mind, ready to play.

Efficient and Predictable Effects: Within 30 to 90 minutes, effects commence, lasting 3 to 6 hours, making perfect sense. Plan your day with a timeline so clear, active hours filled without fear. No unexpected interruptions in sight, Boost ProTab+ keeps your focus light.

Controlled Dosage and Flexibility: Each tablet scored, precise dosing at hand, 10 mg delta-9, easy to command. Proportional cannabinoids, adjusting with ease, lighter effects, for those who please. Perfect for newcomers or adjusting the need, Boost ProTab+ offers the right speed.

Health-Conscious and Diet-Friendly: LEVEL’s purity in every creation, cannabis-derived, without hesitation. Vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free too, calorie-free, perfect for you. Fitting into health and wellness plans, Boost ProTab+ meets all demands.

Authentic and Clean High: Traditional edibles, often a maze, but Boost ProTab+ clears the haze. Minimal conversion, staying true, delta-9 effects, just for you. A clean, functional high to steer your day, enhancing life in every way.

Why Choose LEVEL’s Boost ProTab+: Tailored for enhanced focus and drive, concentration and energy, keeping you alive. Flexible dosing, precise and controlled, Boost ProTab+ fits every mold. Long duration, work or creativity’s call, pure, potent formula, surpassing them all.

Experience with LEVEL: LEVEL’s Boost ProTab+, more than just a tablet true, an advanced tool for cognitive breakthrough. Tackle work, engage in creative feats, sustained lift, no defeats. High-quality, reliable, supporting your goals, LEVEL’s Boost ProTab+ elevates, making you whole. Explore new capabilities, mind and body in sync, stay energized, focused, reach your brink.