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Lemon Cannabis-Infused Honey 200MG (THC:CBN) Sleep by Swifts Cannabees


Enhance your nightly routine with Swifts CannaBees Lemon Cannabis-Infused Honey, featuring 200mg of THC and CBN to promote restful sleep and support honeybee preservation.


Drift into a peaceful slumber with the soothing blend of Swifts CannaBees Lemon Cannabis-Infused Honey. Infused with the highest quality cannabis extracts, each packet combines 10mg of THC and CBN with all-natural honey, creating a harmonious flavor that enhances your favorite beverages and snacks. Perfectly designed to promote restful sleep, this honey is an ideal addition to your nightly routine.

Swifts CannaBees Honey is versatile and easy to use. Add it to your evening tea, sweeten your late-night coffee, or drizzle it over fruit for a delightful bedtime treat. Each package contains ten individually wrapped pouches, ensuring you get a precise dose of 10mg THC and CBN per serving, with a total of 200mg per package. This consistent dosing allows you to enjoy the calming effects of cannabis effortlessly.

Every purchase of Swifts CannaBees Honey not only enhances your well-being but also supports honeybee preservation and research. Swifts Edibles, a name synonymous with quality since 2014, brings its expertise in both the cannabis and culinary industries to this extraordinary product. The brand’s dedication to traditional confectionery methods combined with innovative infusion technologies ensures an unparalleled experience in every dose.

Swifts Edibles continues to push the boundaries of edible cannabis products, expanding its reach to new audiences with a diverse range of treats. From handcrafted peanut butter cups to frozen delicacies, gummies, mints, and beyond, Swifts Edibles is committed to elevating everyday experiences with their exceptional products.

Make your purchase directly from this page to start experiencing the tranquil benefits of Swifts CannaBees Lemon Cannabis-Infused Honey. Prioritize your mental, emotional, and physical well-being with this exquisite honey, and support a vital cause while enhancing your sleep quality. Your journey to a restful and rejuvenating night begins here.